17 March 2018

Welcome to a full day of cultural immersion, celebrating the richness and diversity of our land and it’s people as we connect, heal, evolve and learn from one another in Truth and Harmony...

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A Transformational Festival Celebrating Culture, Community and Collective Connection to Mother Earth, in Truth and Harmony... with Music - Performance - Art - Food - Storytelling - Dance - Sound Healing - Ceremony - Ritual -  Yoga - Meditation - Earth-Centred Practices - Traditional Healing & so much more.

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We live in busy times where the time and space to connect, create, and care for ourselves and each other seems to decrease everyday.  Awakening Ancient Futures is a calling to create that space, to celebrate together, so that we can draw on our ancient wisdom for modern solutions towards a more sustainable, peace-filled future.

We invite you to come and spend the day and evening with us, with the Elders, the youth, the healers and other beautiful beings that we have gathered from across cultures to bring ancient wisdom to modern solutions.

Why join us for this gathering of hearts and minds?

  • To SHARE the wisdom and knowledge from different cultures

  • To RECEIVE insights from the past towards a more peaceful present and sustainable future

  • To CONNECT and celebrate the diversity of culture with Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in truth and harmony

How will the day flow and what will you experience?

We will be welcomed and guided by Ngunnawal and Ngambri Elders and youth through song and ceremony.

We will flow with the elements – fire, water, earth and air – as we weave and welcome the magical offerings of the men and women who are joining us to:

  • share their healing and heart opening vibrations of sound and music;

  • guide us to creatively express and connect through weaving and beading;

  • move in a way that reminds us of the warriors and goddesses within – the ancient and modern day archetypes that bring us both power and peace;

  • awaken us to the depth of wisdom and healing power through artistic expression,

  • teach ways in which we can enliven our wellbeing and vitality through bush foods and herbs;

  • hold yarnin’ circles, bringing the stories of the past to the present so we can learn and move forward together;

  • guide us to listen within, to find our inner peace, through traditional forms of meditation and movement;

  • demonstrate the powerful presence and knowing nature of horses and the ways in which we can tune into our own emotions and from this space to connect and heal,

  • bring fourth wisdom and insights of what we can each do to care for mother earth; to nourish and sustain for our benefit and the benefit of generations to come; 

  • sit, sing or dance around the fire as we heal and harmonise from within and connect with the truth and beauty of all around us;

  • Be nourished from the inside out with delicious food and nurturing vibes on site!

You will flow in and out of sessions of your choice, enjoy quiet time in nature, or make a cuppa and have a chat to an Elder. 


You will then be invited to share and reconnect through men’s and women’s circles – before returning to full circle, in sacred unity, as we come together through ceremony, song and celebration.


Join with an incredible array of leaders, healers, elders, youth, speakers, artists and musicians for this transformational celebration of country, culture and community. An experience not to be missed!

What will the outcome be for me from being a part of this festival?

  • Deepen sense of identity and belonging through appreciation of richness and diversity of CULTURE 

  • Create COMMUNITY towards collective action for a more sustainable future

  • Learn traditional techniques to care for COUNTRY in modern times to nurture ourselves and mother earth

“It’s about bringing back the feminine, the feminine balance of healing, of nurturing and sending that down to our own children.  Women need to know where there are sitting places, healing places and thinking places. It’s about sharing the song, sharing the dance and sharing the future.”

Min Mia

Awakening Ancient Futures Lineup


Tina Brown, Ngunnawal Elder and bridge builder between cultures

Daniel Williams, Ngambri Elder and Musician

Rod Mason, Ngarigo elder and Traditional Land Manager

Padma Menon - Founder of Moving Archetypes, connecting with archetypes through dance

Rachel Sheilds, Nainiuouman, descendant of the Weilwan and Gamilaroi peoples of North Western NSW

Matt Omo, Gong Guru, sound healer

Greg Powell, the Horsehandler and musical maestro

Krystal Hurst, Creative beading
Jandemarra Wall, Collective art work
Julie Armstrong, Bee Friendly Gardening
Dale Huddleston, Burrunju Aboriginal Corporation, Art and Song
Priscilla Reid-Loynes, Gumeroi and Yularoi Yinarr, Wayapa, Wellness and Earth Connection
Datu, Chief of Higaonon Tribe, Phillippines
Shamana Tara, sound medicine woman and intuitive energy healer
Dr Didge, musician, yoga teacher and sound healer
Lauren Van Dyke and Scarlett Robins, Land Care
Matt Kilby, tree planting



Rachel O’Connor

Gini Eagle

Heidi Kiekebosch-Fitt

“This long connection to people in place is a unique gift to Australia and the world. Our shared custodianship of our nation requires of you, me that we, be connected and in good shape.”

Tina Brown, Ngunnawal Elder


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