Festival Program 2019

We are so excited that our next gathering is taking place in less than 2 weeks and we are pleased to announce our program and flow for the day... see below and feel free to share!  Alternatively, you can download the program as a PDF file using the link on this page.

Please use the link above to download the latest version of the program as this web page may not include last minute changes as we are getting so close to the event.

Root Chakra (Muladhara)


Grounding with Gratitude

Welcome to Country and Narrangunnawali (Wellbeing) Walk

Sacred Ceremony

Location: Bandria (waterhole in Ngarigo)


Rod Mason, Ngarigo

Daniel Williams, Ngambri

Tina, Nevada and Justine Brown, Ngunnawal


We warmly invite you to join us as we move into sacred ritual and ceremony…  feeling the nourishment from the land that is being offered to us and that we are contributing in reciprocal flow as we enter this sacred space through our Narrangunnawali (wellbeing) walk. Experience blessing with elements as we connect to country and come together in community through a Welcome to Country which includes traditional dance and yidaki.

Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana)


Connecting with Creativity

Connecting and Flowing with Nature

Location: Billabong (round house)


Purpose and Program, Gini Eagle, Rachel O’Connor

Peace Flame, Dru Yoga

Movement and Flow, Gini Eagle


Follow the mura (path in Ngunnawal) as we continue to flow in sacred ceremonial walk, feeling the energy of the land and flowing to the billabong (round house) to connect with creativity and peaceful purpose.

Rachel O’Connor and Gini Eagle, founders of Awakening Ancient Futures, will introduce you and invite you to join the co-creation of their collective vision and see how this will flow through the day...


Dru Yoga will share their much celebrated “world peace flame” a symbol of peace, unity, freedom and celebration.

“We believe in the essential freedom of the human spirit to create peace at any time under any circumstances… we aim to inspire people everywhere that the individual plays a crucial role in creating peace at every level.”


Gini Eagle will guide us through a grounding and elevating flow to bring you into your body and connection with the elements: fire, earth, water and air; and directions: north, south, east and west.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)


Sun for Sustainability

Walking on Country with Rod Mason

Location: Meet outside Billabong (round house)


Rod Mason is a respected Ngarigo elder and “Traditional Land Manager”.  Rod will be sharing his knowledge of the ways in which we can care for land today, connecting with the country we will be walking on together – exploring the environment and noticing what nature is offering for us to listen and learn to the ways we can collectively create a more sustainable future.


We will divide up into our totem groups and be guided to plant trees that will help save the Scarlet Robin.  The Scarlet Robin was declared a vulnerable species in May 2015.  Planting trees and shrubs and restoring wildlife corridors helps birds to move across the landscape to get to breeding sites, water sources, and to move to different habitats as the seasons change.  Planting trees will help to rehabilitate degraded areas of our landscape.

Children's Exploration with Daniel Williams

Location: Meet outside Billabong (round house)


Daniel Williams, proud Ngambri man, will guide children on their own exploration of country.  Tapping into the stories and imagination to spark curiosity and connection with country.


Daniel and children will join us to plant trees to save the Scarlet Robin.



Munch, Mingle and Muse

Bee Gardening,

Julie Armstrong

Location: Winyu (Sun in Ngunnawal) room


We will explore being bees both within the hive and as foragers who ‘lay the grid’ of light as a protection for the landscape. Afterwards we will explore our experiences through writing or drawing or in whatever way you choose. Be surprised and heart warmed by the journey. 

We will also share ways to support the health of bees and pollinators in our gardens and community.

Saving the Scarlet Robin,

Lauren Van Dyke

Location: Kumburu (shadow of a tree, Ngunnawal)


The Scarlet Robin was declared a vulnerable species in May 2015.  Planting trees and shrubs and restoring wildlife corridors helps birds to move across the landscape to get to breeding sites, water sources, and to move to different habitats as the seasons change.

Creative Art with Nature

Tina Brown

Location: Billabong (Roundhouse)


Tina Brown, proud Ngunnawal woman, will share and lead through story and love of nature and art through this creative exploration.

Acro Yoga for Kids,

Sam Bayliss

Location: Kubbadang (Moon in Ngunnawal) space


Children and parents are warmly welcome to join Sam for demonstrations and to experience the joy of Acro Yoga! Be ready to fly, flow and have some funJ

Heart Chakra (Anahata)


Healing and Harmony

WhaleDreamers Yoga Sound Healing Journey into the Heart

Dr Didge and Shamana Tara

Location: Winyu space (sun in Ngunnawal)


Sound healing uses music to help improve your physical, emotional health and wellbeing. Dr Didge and Shamana Tara will lead you through a unique and eclectic sound healing journey integrating their learnings from traditional teachings, and their own deep connection to mother earth, the ocean and her healing powers.

8 Foundations for Healing,

Asher Cloran

Location: Kumburu (shadow of a tree, Ngunnawal)


The link between our current state of being, our needs and goals for this life, and our ancient past will be explored as it relates to physiology, nutrition, and our mental emotional and spiritual life.


8 Foundations will be explored – Purpose, Intuition, Breathing, Drinking, Eating, Moving, Sleeping, and Connecting to Nature.

The workshops aim is to give people legitimate tools for balancing and improving the fundamental aspects, of what supports a balanced and fulfilling life, on this Beautiful Planet Earth.

Art and Heart for Children,


Location: Billabong (Roundhouse)


Jandamarra is a teacher from Cooma who’s passionate about inspiring children to creatively express themselves through art.

Throat Chakra (Visuddha)


Tribal Truth

Rachel Shields, Cultural Identities Workshop

Location: Bandria (waterhole in Ngarigo)


“We are all Indigenous to the Earth” What does this mean? Rachel will be exploring this through a a hands on yarning circle that walks the timeline of cultural evolution, shared displacement and present day guardianship of our shared ecology alongside planet earth as our timeless teacher.

Rod Mason

Wandering Warriors

Location: Kubbadang space (moon in Ngunnawal)


Rod Mason & friends will be sharing their knowledge of the ways of the wandering warrior, through strength and sustainability. Building on his earlier session, Rod will guide men to explore the environment and come together to share ways in which we can collectively create a more sustainable future.

Sacred Seed, Kids Yoga

Ali Cuthbert

Location: Winyu space (sun in Ngunnawal)


Ali has a natural ability to connect and inspire children to move in a more mindful way.  Ali will guide children on a magical exploration into their bodies through breath and connection with nature as they move and flow with a sense of fun and ease!

Afternoon Tea


Munch, Mingle and Muse

Biodynamic Farming Talk with Laurence and Tobias

Location: Kubbadang space (moon in Ngunnawal)


Join passionate farmers, from Ingelara, Tobias and Laurence as they share their learnings and love of biodynamics.

Tea Ceremony with Zoe Konovalov

Location: Winyu room (sun in Ngunnawal)


Zoe will share with an intimate group (maximum of 10) tea ceremony which features meditation, reverence, and a connection with the amazing spirit of the tea plant which loves and cares for humanity.

Water Blessing with Julie Armstrong

Location: Bandria (waterhole in Ngarigo)


We invite you to join Julie in blessing the Water, a simple ceremony developed by Dr Emoto. Julie is part of LovingWaters.life, a global alliance inspiring deeper awareness and participation and advocacy in the stewardship of Water.

George Wright Communicating with Animals

Location: Kumburu (shadow of a tree, Ngunnawal)


George is a Professional Animal Communicator and will guide you to connect more deeply with animals and nature through interspecies communication and deep nature connection.  You will be given tools and practices to help you connect more with nature and animals in your own time.


Bring an open heart and mind, a pen and notebook, as we join George to listen and learn about animal communication

Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)


Intuition for Illumination

Billabong Dreaming and Dancing…

Location: Billabong (round house)


We will come together to continue our creative exploration through creativity and connection.  Totem groups will be guided to tune into inspirational flow for a more sustainable, peace-filled future before we regroup as a collective to share our vision and calls to action…


We will then flow into a guided dance to keep culture alive and show our respect and connection to the land and waterways.

Dinner and Sunset


Dinner from Sunset to Moon Rise…

Location: Kubbadang space (moon in Ngunnawal)


Bring along your picnic rug as we sit and eat together. We will enjoy the energy that we have collectively created as we express our gratitude to grandfather sun for the day that has been while we watch sunset and open to the new flow of energy for the future as we welcome the rising of grandmother moon.


As the sun sets and the night sky provides lights the way, you and your children will be asked to stay in the dinner area to flow into our campfire music and storytelling after dinner.

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)


Vibrations for Visionaries

Campfire Music and Story Telling

Location: Dyurra (stars in Ngunnawal)


We warmly invite you to sit with us around the fire as we celebrate the energy elevation we have generated throughout our day of connection and creativity. 

We will be joined by:

  • Kirtanarama and Star Seeds – kirtan to open the heart

  • Story telling with Rod Mason, Tina Brown and Daniel Williams

  • Traditional campfire music with our many musicians invited to share their inspirational flow…



We will bid you farewell and wish you blessings for your journey home. 

Those camping are welcome to continue to share and shine around the campfire.


[Please note campsites are available for a small donation, limited sites so please confirm early]