Awakening Ancient Futures Festival

Where: Ingelara Farm, Michelago NSW


When: Saturday 17 March 2018, 9.30am-9.30pm

We are The Awakeners, connecting the hearts and minds of our communities to bring unity while embracing diversity to cultivate Great Gatherings for collective learning, healing, and creating, to discover a third way...


We invite you to join us, to embrace and embody a beginners mind and an ancient heart to connect with the collective wisdom and knowledge of this land and it’s people. 


It is time to embark on the holistic journey of reconciliation in a way that acknowledges and unites us all as custodians of this land.  This journey begins with you, it begins now as we come together to heal, to harmonise, to Awaken Ancient Futures…


We are calling on you – the leaders, the healers, the activists, the spirit walkers… Together we will create a pathway to connect and contribute with courage and compassion, through deep listening – to learn to love to laugh together as we journey through the elements…


  • Fire: To Ignite our Love

  • Water: To Nourish our Body, Minds and Spirits

  • Earth: To Sustain our Strength and Stamina

  • Air: To Elevate, Evolve and Enlighten


We will be drawing on the wisdom and ways to facilitate sharing and healing through story telling, art, music, connection and caring for land, sound healing, meditation, yoga, dance, traditional healing and food and nutrition.


  • To redefine our rhythms

  • To reconnect with our rituals

  • To reset our direction

  • To reunite as a nation


We warmly welcome you to join us to Awaken Ancient Futures.


With Grace and Gratitude,


The Awakeners

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