Our Facilitators

Rachel O'Connor

Rachel O’Connor is an inspirational facilitator who guides others to see and share their own truth and beauty.  Rachel believes that we each are here for a divine purpose, and sees her purpose to live and lead from love as she creates pathways for individual and collective healing and harmony.  This has led Rachel to explore the depths and heights of who she is as a mother, policy innovator, yoga teacher, and passionate advocate for equality, health and wellbeing. 
Rachel is a thought leader and change agent who sparks action to empower and enable equality within Government and community settings to create a future of unity between all Australians.  Rachel’s awareness and appreciation of the dynamic and diverse nature of Aboriginal culture, including the strength and resilience of individuals, families and communities, has been strongly influenced by her 10 years spent living in the Northern Territory and working in Aboriginal health.  Rachel gained first hand knowledge of the importance of listening, learning and facilitating the design and delivery of community-led solutions as she formed a bridge between communities and government.  This first-hand experience has been invaluable in the ways in which Rachel has since engaged both nationally and internationally in Indigenous Affairs to shift the dialogue from deficit to strengths and build relationships based on mutual respect and understanding, while continuing to explore the ways in which we can collectively heal from past traumas.
“I have been gifted the opportunity to act as a bridge builder between cultures and communities to connect, collaborate and co-create. Ultimately I, like everyone else is energy and what I’ve discovered is that the choices I make influence the energy I feel, energy I emit and what I attract in return.  I am humbled by the blessings that I’ve received, and I am grateful to cultivate ways in which all Australians can truly appreciate the depth and richness of our nations true history, to embrace Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture from ancient to modern so that we can co-create a future of harmony between our people and the land.”

Gini Eagle

Gini has a  passion  to  energise, educate and empower people, to realise their highest potential and find inner peace through the tools and techniques she's gathered over the past 20 years.

Gini has a Bachelor in Social work & psychology. She is a Dru yoga and Meditaton teacher, a Reiki Master and a Children’s author. She also teaches Equine therapy.

In 2004 Gini co founded Ingelara Retreat a biodynamic farm and healing/yoga centre just outside Canberra. She wanted to provide a space for people to reconnect with themselves, each other and nature.

She runs personal empowerment programs,yoga and Reiki at Ingelara Retreat. 
Gini teaches yoga to high school, pre school  and adults.

Gini has a wealth of life experience. She shares her knowledge of contacting her higher self, her guides, past lives and her shamanic self healing energy techniques. This is first hand experintial knowledge she gained on her journey within to find  peace after experiencing  depression and a  marriage break up.
Gini s journey has led her to a greater understanding of the power of healing ourselves, through the awareness of witnessing our egoic patterns and clearing and maintaining  our energy system.


She uses a combination of Shamanic and  Reiki energy techniques combined with yoga and meditation practices to remind us of the amazing vibrational beings of light we are.