About Us...

Why us? Why now?

We have been chosen and now is the time…  Mother Earth has been calling, she is calling us to step forward with open and courageous hearts, to listen deeply, to heal from within so we can harmonise with each other and with nature.


We began on this mission by taking time out, to slow down, to be still, to sit in silence and to listen to nature…  From this place of stillness and silence we heard nature speak to us – loudly!  We were asked to tune in, to commit to each other and to ourselves, to listen deeply, as we entered into a 40 day practice.  During this period there were many insights and inspirations that flowed and our calling to co-create and connect with other alchemic angels aligned with our mission was strong! 

“Awakening Ancient Futures Festivals” is the culmination of collective wisdom, gatherings to create a portal for us to come together to recognize that we all have past hurts, as individuals and as a nation.  To acknowledge and heal our past, to awaken the abundance and beauty available to us today…


In 2017 Australia was recognised as home to the longest surviving civilisation.  This historical fact is a marker in time, signaling that it is time for us to unite in truth.  To honour and acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have walked this land, who have cared for this land, who have survived and thrived for 65,000 years in rhythm with this land.


It is time to create spaces where we can unite in harmony and truth all who call Australia their home today.  We each have a shared responsibility to embrace and care as custodians of this land and this planet.  The richness and diversity of our land and it’s people is ready to be released!


We may not be able to wipe away the pain and suffering caused by our ancestors, yet we can be the awakened ones… Ready to release, renew and receive the keys to unlock the past to awaken the collective wisdom of our hearts for harmony within and between. We can share our dreams for how we would like to live, to love, to learn and to laugh side by side.  Together we are strong, together we are united, together we can heal the heart of our nation.


These Great Gatherings we co-facilitate with communities will be an opportunity to connect and contribute through our journey together, to share and weave our dreams so that we can create a circle of support that will enable us to enter into a phase of collective healing and vision setting... To co-create a third way, a way heal and harmonise which honours deep connection to the unifying sacred centre which beats in the land and in the centre of each of our hearts.

The timing and theme of Awakening Ancient Futures, in Truth and Harmony, aligns with and celebrates Harmony Day (21st March.  Harmony Day began in 1999 coinciding with the United Nations International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination and is marked by people coming together and continuing the message that "everyone belongs".  It is about community participation, inclusiveness, celebrating diversity, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

Our Core Values


We stand strong in our sense of certainty, and guidance received from our ancestors, mentors and elders both past and present who have invited us to share with you the core values that enable us to develop and maintain respectful relationships with communities as they invite us to come and sit with them…


  • Truth

  • Wisdom

  • Courage

  • Humility

  • Honesty

  • Respect

  • Love

Our Invocation


We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land upon which I stand and pay my respects to their elders past present.

We acknowledge my ancestors and the lands and lineage from which I come.

We honour the youth of this nation and all nations, and commit to serving to their growing light.

We call on the courage, compassion and wisdom of the elders and insights of the youth, from my forthcoming practice and actions.

May we be guided for my wellbeing and the wellbeing of my loved ones, my community, this nation and all nations.

We give thanks that we’ve been chosen as a universal channel for peace and love.

We ask for your guidance and the guidance of the great spirit that holds us all in sacred unity as we go forward and take guided action to:


  • Ignite our Love

  • Nourish our Bodies, Minds and Spirits

  • Sustain our Strength and Stamina

  • Elevate to Evolve and Enlighten


Rachel O’Connor

Gini Eagle

Heidi Kiekebosch-Fitt

Collective Wisdom Circle

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